Areas in which we can offer

Top Quality Assistance

  • E-business development, trainings and consultancy
  • E-commerce (B2B & B2C) development, trainings and consultancy
  • Digital marketing development and integration, trainings and consultancy
  • Content (text, audio, video; multimedia) development, trainings and consultancy
  • E-business and e-commerce modelling expertise (IT and Business segments)
  • Website & apps development – e-commerce, B2C, B2B, B2G
  • Business Management, development and business processes support
  • SME / Corporate consultancy
  • ICT Project management; project design, development and implementation
  • Innovative new business models, development strategies, sales tactics and funnels
  • Market & needs analysis
  • Social networks / online PR
  • Online communication strategies and tactics development
  • Trainings – planning the scope, objectives, content of the training and delivey
  • Lecturing / Coaching / Workshops in the fields of e-business, e-commerce, digital marketing and content
  • Detailed analysis following market and buyer behavior through statistics, BI and data mining methods; analysis of large scale data
  • Reporting

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